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How are bespoke DSLR filters made? Watch LEE Filters factory tour

9/24/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Karl Taylor is with Ralph Young the sales director at LEE Filters and he's kindly giving them a tour of the factory. In this first video, you get to see the stages that are involved when making these bespoke “handmade” DSLR filters.

LEE Filters factory

In this second video Karl discovers where they actually manufacture and colorize polyester film to ultimately create the gels (diffusion material) which he uses in his professional photography studio.

Learn the process involved and how they achieve a higher standard of color control over competing products. See the machines, meet the people and even get the opportunity to have a go at making a gel himself!

An example of using gels:

Text, image and video via Karl Taylor

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