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Maximize Your Output Of Images: Remote Camera Triggering at Rally Car Race

9/16/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photographer Ben Haulenbeek  takes us behind the scenes on a Subaru Rally car race shoot where he utilizes the benefits of a remote camera to maximize his output of images.

Remote Camera Triggering at Rally Car Race

Remote Camera Triggering at Rally Car Race

You only have one opportunity to capture a car on every single race. With this setup you can get a low and high angle shot from the top of a tree, getting a competitive advantage over the rest of the photographers.

Safety is a really important part of your job when you are a rally car photographer, the idea is not new but it is great to use it on this situation. A Plexiglass to cover the lens, black tape to eliminate reflexions and a plastic bag to protect your camera of dust.

Ben Haulenbeek uses two expensive Nikon D810, but if you have restrictions on the budget, buy a second hand camera as secondary can be a clever idea. If the car crashes against the equipment you will not cry his loss.

Text, images and video via pocketwizardvids

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