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How to save your GoPro from drowning for 1$

9/12/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is the typical situation that may cause a crises during your vacation time, above all when your GoPro or other action camera ends up sleeping on the seabed.

Udi Tirosh, editor of knows what I am talking about. He has learnt from his mistakes and preventing such a thing from recurring in future. This is his ingenious DIY solution

A while back I was on a family trip and used a GoPro to capture some memories. I put the gopro on the end of a selfie stick and the family took turns taking videos. Suddenly, someone, I am not naming names here, dropped the stick. 

Now, the camera (and stick) sunk to the bottom of the lake and we never could find them.

About Photographer Udi Tirosh:

Udi Tirosh is a professional photographer based in Israel. His photography was featured in news outlets, but his passion lies with photographing families, and portraiture work. A father of three, and a relentless entrepreneur, he invented the Bokeh Masters Kit and The Light Blaster.(Bio via

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