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Intro to Lighting Modifiers For Composite Photography

9/15/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

My goal with this video - explain Aaron Anderson -  is to help you either pick the correct modifier for a composite or help you decide with one to buy/use on your next shoot! There is also some helpful tips on how to set the modifiers up!

Here are the chapters for each different modifier:

53" Octabox - 00:39
Putting on the Octabox - 2:28
69" Octabox - 3:09
Strip Box - 4:16
Beauty Dish - 6:49
Grids - 12:31
Bonus Set up! - 15:07

Thank you to Elinchrom for providing equipment for some of this video!

About Author:

Aaron Anderson Photography started back in 2009 with a camera and a speedlight. My goal was to create images that people wanted to stare at, even if they weren't sure why. I specialize in composite photography and hi-end retouching, which means that everything you see is done by me from start to finish. Let's Get Connected: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Text, image and video via Aaron Anderson

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