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New Sigma Cine Lens Film: High Speed Zoom Line

9/07/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sigma has presented his new Cine Lens with this commercial. Sigma saids that two zoom lens are all you need for professional cinematography.

Sigma lens are waterproof but is great idea to use a underwater camera housings 

Ready to take on ultra-high-resolution shoots in 6K-8K, SIGMA’s cine lenses offer both outstanding optical performance and compactness. Now true cinematography is within reach, even on smaller projects or for special effects.

00:00 Production system
00:52 True cinematography
01:35 Studio shoots for fashion and more
01:51 Underwater photography using housing
02:39 Maneuverability and durability for challenging shoots

Special Thanks
Downhill rider: Yuki Kushima
Bike Shop Genbu
Fujiten Resort

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