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No More Colour Casts: Custom White Balance for ND Filter

10/09/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Set a custom white balance because ND filters leave colour casts on your images. What that colour cast is depends on your neutral density filter because they’re all different. Mike Browne uses a Lee Big Stopper, which adds blue to everything.

Custom White Balance for ND Filter

In this video he will show you how to find the correct custom white balance for your filter...

About Mike Browne:

So who am I to help you get better photos? I've been a full time photographer since 1993 with awards from Kodak, Fuji and the master Photographers Association. I have a teaching qualification and just love it when people get that 'Eureka' moment. I think photography should be fun and fulfilling - don't you?
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Text, image and video via Mike Browne

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