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How to Setup a Long Distance Cable Cam Motion Time-lapse

12/21/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Morten Rustad is a professional time-lapse photographer based in Oslo, Norway. He first hit our screens in 2014 with his viral success "Norway - a Time-lapse Adventure". His love of the unique insight time-lapse gives to the world's natural processes has driven him to continue with his next big project, due for completion in 2017.

See more of Morten's work here:

This Long Distance Cable Cam Motion Time-lapse video tutorial includes Morten's process for location scouting, setting up your cable cam, choosing the right settings for your scene, and editing process in Adobe Lightroom, LR Timelapse Pro and Adobe. 

In the field:
1:00 - Choosing the Location - Google Maps | Google Earth | PhotoPills
2:00 - Cable Cam Setup
2:42 - 3 Axis Motion Control Setup
2:54 - Camera + Lens Choice
3:17 - Composing the Image
4:12 - Camera Settings - Fstop l Shutterspeed l ISO l Focus 
5:40 - Setting the Movement - Distance | Movement | Interval

Post Production:
9:00 - Introduction and Setting Keyframes in LRTimelapse Pro
11:28 - Synchronizing Key Frame Data with Adobe Lightroom 
12:10 - Keyframe Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom
17:10 - Reload and Autotransition Keyframe Adjustments to LR Timelapse Pro
17:25 - Deflickering
19:08 - Exporting
19:49 - Importing to Adobe Premiere
20:07 - Stabilising and Scaling the Time-lapse
21:55 - Exporting the Time-lapse

About Morten Rustad:

Time-lapse photographer from Norway, trying to create cool stuff. Let's Get Connected: Vimeo 

Text, image and video via Syrp

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