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LEGACY: How a conflict photographer’s vision of the world changed after fatherhood (Part 1)

12/17/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Professional photographer, Benjamin Lowy talks about his passion for photography and fatherhood.

Benjamin explains this video on his Instagram:

"I've been a photographer a lot longer than I've been a dad. But I'm quickly realizing that it isn't what I leave behind for the world to see, but how I teach my sons to see the world." -

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work with my life partner @marvilacar on this project about being photographers and being parents.

As photographers, we've been incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to travel, meet different people, experience new cultures and learn from countless stories. We wanted to share the value of those experiences with our children.

  • Directors: Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar
  • Cinematography: Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar
  • Editor: Nadav Kurtz/Cutters Studio
  • Script: Abby Sher & Marvi Lacar

About Benjamin Lowy:

Benjamin Lowy is award winning photographer based in New York City. He received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2002 and began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003. Since then he has covered major stories worldwide. He could be consider a pioneer in photojournalism, covering  the Iraq war only with his iPhone.  Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

Text, images and video via Benjamin Lowy and Marvi Lacar

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