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Kodak Ektra: Essential Mobile Street Photography Tips

1/13/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Kodak Ektra: Essential Mobile Street Photography Tips

"Street photography allows us to see the world around us with fresh eyes", says professional photographer Thomas Leuthard. Thomas  had the honour to test the new Kodak Ektra Smartphone recently, and in this video he shares some interesting mobile street photography tips.

 Remember: Photography is not about gear, it's about vision & talent.

About Thomas Leuthard :

Thomas Leuthard is a passionate street photographer based in the heart of Switzerland. He travels to the big cities of this world to witness and document life on the street. He currently works with an unobtrusive mirrorless camera to capture the essence of the ordinary life happening in public. For him the camera is a black box capturing the moment seen by his eyes. There are more important questions in photography than asking about what gear we are using. Let's Get Connected:

Text, image and video via Eastman Kodak

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