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Golf professional Giulia Franchini editorial photo shoot by Matteo Mescalchin

1/27/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend photographer Matteo Mescalchin from tells us the story behind this photoshoot with golf player Giulia Franchini: 
Although I'm not a golf player myself, I love golf photography since the day my brother Andrea has unveiled the green to my eyes. So when Giulia invited me to shoot some editorial pictures on her exciting career I welcome her invitation right away. Well knowing Giulia I was sure we could work together on creating interesting pictures. 

As for the lighting I kept it fairly simple and easy shooting mainly on a single light using my Chimera collapsible beauty dish occasionally having also on set a medium pancake.

Hope you like the outcome.

- I really enjoy my work everyday as it always challenges my self-improvement skills, unveiling new techniques and yet focusing on making someone else's game better and better -

- Since Parkinson's Disease has touched my family very closed, I'd love to organize a pro am game and found raising with that against this terrible illness.

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This article and images was originally published on and shared with permission. 

About Matteo Mescalchin:

Born and raised in Italy where he co-founded Digital Movie studio in 1997, Matteo has worked extensively across four continents constantly developing his passion for images which has led him to work as photographer in many commercial and personal projects. In 2016 Matteo have been awarded Golden A'Design Award in category of Photography and Photo Manipulation Design getting recognition to the excellence of his lighting style on the international stage. Let's Get Connected: 

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