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Video Frame Rates: What You Need to Know

1/30/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Video Frame Rates: What You Need to Know

Choose the right frame rate for slow motion/fast motion/regular speed. In-depth tutorial from basic to advanced. Click "here" for gear list.


0:34 What is a frame rate?
0:42 Shutter Speed vs Frame Rate
1:38 What is a base (project) frame rate?
2:10 What are Creative frame rates?
3:00 Why not always use a high frame rate?
4:40 Still Images for Video
4:58 When to use 15 fps or less
5:33 When to use 24 to 25 fps
5:54 When to use 30 fps
6:33 When to use 48 to 60 fps
7:35 When to use 90 to 120 fps
9:01 Why I don’t use 180 fps and higher
9:45 Psychological Effects of Slow Motion

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