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RGGEDU Podcast Talk With The Most Talented Photographers In The World

2/27/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


The founders of RGGEDU, Gary Martin & Rob Grimm talk with some of my favorite photographers to learn all secrets of this industry. If you like high quality podcasts about photography, they have ready to download for free Session 1 with 8 episodes where they sat down to chat with some of the creatives advancing the photography industry to discuss how they got to where they are now.

In episode 1 from Puerto Rico,  they interview to Dani Diamond, portrait photographer famous for exploring the nuances of available light. Dani shares one of most interesting tips that I have heard for a long time: the perfect moment under his experience for sharing your images on Instagram. 

From Las Vegas, in Session 2  the leaders of RGG EDU get into the business with some of the most talented portrait photographers in the world: John Shell, Erik Valind, Stephanie Cotta, Jeff Rojas, Chris Garrison, Jay P Morgan, Brooke Shaden, Peter Hurley, Nikki Harrison, Matthew Jordan Smith, Brian Smith, Pratik Naik, Jen Rozenbaum, Chris Knight, and Tamara Lackey.

Personally I am writing this post meanwhile  I am listening their Episode 4 with Ken Kaminesky. Ken talks about his career as one of the top social media influencers and his business of leading photography tours around the world to some of the most incredible places. Super interesting, I really recommend it.

Session 2 will be available  for FREE next March 29th 2017 on