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How To Get SMOOTH POV Video on a Dog!

3/19/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video MicBergsma shows you how to get smooth POV video with Atom The Pug!

MicBergsma shares the link to buy the dog harness mount:

  1. Filmed by Mitch & Lori Bergsma, Richard Briant, Atom Briant
  2. Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac 
  3. GoPro Tip Intro edit by Erik Lauritzen

About MicBergsma:

My channel is mostly of GoPro Tips, Tricks, tutorials, and product reviews. I love helping people understand how to use a GoPro and get the best pictures and videos from the camera. I also am a big quadcopter enthusiast. I have videos showing my aerial work, tutorials, and tips on operating DJI Phantom quadcopters. Let's Get Connected: | 

Text, image and video via MicBergsma

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