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3/16/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today, Rob Nelson wants to show you how to take amazing underwater shots using a Gopro. A big part of this, is learning to think like a photographer. In this particular shot, there are a few key points (tips) that Rob wants to share.

1. Change your perspective. To do this I bought a dome port for the Gopro. That gave me 33 percent wider view and the ability to get both above and below water. LINK TO THE PORT:

2. Learn to Post-Process: Half of your shot can be accomplished easily enough in post production. Photoshop has some great filters if used right. This the balance I used. If you just want to see the post - skip to 5:01 to start this only.

THE ORIGINAL PIC: If you want to test out the original picture for yourself, here is the file. - send me a message to if you make something cool. Would love to see it.

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About Rob Nelson:

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