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Street Photography with a Medium Format Camera

3/27/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Commercial photographer and Hasselblad Ambassador Ming Thein took on the challenging light conditions of the Thaipusam festival with H6D-100c. A perfect scenario to test a medium format camera in the street.

I had one other magic bullet: a cross-arm bracing technique I’d been experimenting with for the last few months to try to couple the mass of the camera to the mass of my body by resting it on my upper arm and shoulder to increase stability, instead of the usual under hand-hold. Carefully used, it’s good for another stop or so – but doesn’t help if you need to shoot at any height other than eye level, compose portrait orientation, or of course have a subject that’s dancing around. - said Ming on his blog

Street Photography with a Medium Format Camera


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About Ming Thein:

Armed with a camera since 16, my photographic career has spanned many subjects. Photography is beyond a job for me: it’s a passion. I am a commercial photographer specialising in product photography on location and corporate reportage. Let's Get Connected: 

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