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Portraits: Pro Lighting with Cheap Flashlights by Daveed Benito

5/28/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photographer Daveed Benito is creating captivating images using his Sony A7rii, flashlights and some basic defusing tricks. Ranging from cheap $1.99 flashlights to $20 tactical zoom flashlights he can focus colors to specific areas of the set and the subject.

The color gels used are simply cellophane that comes in rolls at your local craft store, usually meant for gift wrapping. The more you layer the cellophane the richer the color will be, on the downside the light intensity will become dimmer. Finding the perfect range is going to be based on your camera settings and white balance.

Diffusing the harsh beam of a flashlight can be achieved in many ways. Daveed Benito uses parchment paper for a soft glow, this is best to defuse the key light and hair light. As many at 17 flashlights can be used to create one set.

The setup time varies on battery life and lighting experience, Daveed says his first attempt took over 2 hours to achieve the desired look of just one scene. Since there is no specifically made stand or mount for flashlights you can be creative.

Una publicación compartida de Daveed Benito (@daveedbenito) el

Una publicación compartida de Daveed Benito (@daveedbenito) el

Daveed uses plastic clamps you can purchase from any hardware store and simply uses masking tape to fix the lights to regular lighting stands. After your lights are set, colors are dialed in just add a little fog and you have a beautiful image."

About Daveed Benito:

Professional photography is an art that takes a special type of eye to capture moments in time that will forever be still framed in the memories of the subjects. For Daveed Benito, it's about capturing, but more importantly creating these moments in time with a vibrant display of color, inspiration of art, and a hint of imagination. Let's Get Connected:

Text, image and video thanks to our friend Daveed Benito

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