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My Bag Of Lights by Zack Arias

6/28/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

My Bag Of Lights by Zack Arias

In this video Zack Arias walks through his lights and modifiers that he uses for location photography.

Over the years my lighting kit has evolved from one system to another. I'd have this brand of hotshoe flashes and this brand of strobes. This one worked great, that one was ok, etc. I've been searching for one cohesive system and I finally settled on Phottix gear.

The one thing that has really simplified my life is having one trigger that works seamlessly between hotshoe flash and strobes. I know there are several systems out there these days and I looked at all of them and settled on Phottix for the balance of price, durability, and ease of use. - said Zack-

About Photographer Zack Arias:

I am photographer based in Atlanta, GA. While I have worked in the music industry for nearly a decade, I also complete a lot of editorial, corporate, and commercial assignments.  Let's Get Connected: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Text, image and video via Zack Arias

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