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Light painting tutorial: How to light paint a skeleton

7/02/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Light painting tutorial:  How to light paint a skeleton Janne Parviainen

Janne Parviainen often receives questions of how do he creates his photos. Because of that, he will start a series of light painting video tutorials on his blog that we reproduce here.

The set up for the photo:

I have made the video at my studio in bright light to have good quality video. Remember always to shoot the light painting photos in low light, otherwise, you'll just end up with an overexposed image!

One thing to take in notion is that the brighter the light you use, the higher aperture figure you need to use. Also the slower you move the light, the brighter it looks in the photo. Starting from an aperture of 9 to 13 is a good place to start.

For drawing the skeleton, I recommend you use bulb mode with a cable release since it most probably will take longer than 30 seconds.

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About  Janne Parviainen:

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Text, image and video via Light Painting Blog

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