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Lighting The Spirit with the New Elinchrom ELB 1200

7/27/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

© Michael Clark

Michael Clark did a real-size field test to push the ELB 1200 to its limits. Working with Red Bull Athlete, Rafa Ortiz, Red Bull Photography and some intense ingredients he ended up with astonishing results.

I don’t think there is any other flash system on the market that can deal with the torture we dished out and survive—and there definitely isn’t any other system that is as versatile as the ELB 1200 - said Michael-


@rafaortizkayak dropping Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon river in southern Washington state. On this assignment for @elinchrom_ltd and @redbullphotography I was asked to take the Elinchrom ELB1200 packs and create something stunning. With the help of Rafa Ortiz, @rushsturges and @liamfield9 we were able to craft a series of whitewater kayaking images that are some of the best images I have ever shot. The ELB 1200 was more than up to the task and they took a lot of punishment on this assignment, including being used in a fully running waterfall with nothing covering the unit. I was trying to kill one of the packs but couldn't. The only way I can see to kill one of the ELB1200s would be to toss it into the river and even then it might still keep working once it dried out. Read all about this epic assignment and see the behind the scenes video on the Elinchrom website at Elinchrom also just announced their stellar trade-in offer for those that own the Rangers. #elinchrom #elinchromelb1200 #lightingthespirit #rafaortiz #kayaking #spiritfalls #nikon @nikonusa #hisync #hs #redbullphotography #whitewaterkayaking #littlewhitesalmon
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Another image from the @elinchrom_ltd ELB1200 shoot with @rafaortizkayak standing on a rock below Spirit Falls. We lit both the waterfall and Rafa using Hi-Sync lighting techniques. For the full story, visit the Elinchrom website at Also, stay tuned for the @redbull Chasing the Shot episode coming out tomorrow with a longer more in-depth behind the scenes video from this shoot. My thanks to the entire team for helping to create these images - @therealbillstengel for the behind the scenes footage and for putting together the BTS video on the Elinchrom website, @tombearphoto for assisting, @mrvphotography and @henao_photography for the BTS stills, and last but not least @rushsturges @liamfield9 and Rafa Ortiz for their incredible kayaking skills and talent. Thanks to all for working so hard on this project! @redbullphotography #elinchrom #elb1200 #elinchromelb1200 #spiritfalls #lightingthespirit #redbullphotography #whitewaterkayaking #littlewhitesalmon

Una publicación compartida de Michael Clark (@michaelclarkphoto) el

Street Price:

ELB 1200 Pro To Go / ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To Go
$ 3499 USD / € 3749 EUR / £ 3299 GBP

ELB 1200 Pro To Roll / ELB 1200 Hi-Sync To Roll
$ 3749 USD / € 3999 EUR / £ 3499 GBP


The ELB 1200 will be available by the end of August 2017.

Trade-In Offer:

A special rebate scheme for all existing users of Ranger RX / Free Style is available.

Anyone with a complete setup of Ranger RX series / Free Style working or non-working, will be able to trade in a unit to benefit a price reduction of $1000 USD / €900 EUR / £900 GBP per ELB 1200 To Go or To Roll sets.

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