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How the Inverted Room Shoot Was Accomplished

8/22/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How the Inverted Room Shoot Was Accomplished

Here's how Daniel DeArco and Little Boxes Theater pulled off the inverted room shoot. The behind the scenes consisted of 5 days of building, and 2 hours of shooting. The folks over at Little Boxes Theater wanted to collaborate on a project, and we agreed on the idea of building something big.

In reality I filmed this in under 30 minutes, since majority of the project was dedicated to still photos. - said Daniel-


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Thanks for sharing Daniel!!

About Daniel DeArco:

I had kind of an unorthodox start in photography. Definitely not one of those, "I just, picked up a camera one day and fell in love!", kind of stories. Read my story on my website.

Text, image and video via Daniel DeArco

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