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7 Things You Should Know About Headshots

9/11/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

7 Things You Should Know About Headshots

1) What is a headshot?

Headshot, yes, I know that is a weird name.  However, what it means in relation to a photograph is simply a portrait that captures an individual personality which can be used for branding professionally and personally.

2) Why is it important to have a headshot?

Headshots have the potential of creating amazing opportunities for the individual both professionally and personally.  Headshots, when done correctly, highlights an individual's personality in a single frame.

3) Who are Headshots for?

Headshots are commonly known to be used by actors.  However, headshots are also used by corporations to highlight employees and senior corporate staff.  It's also used by individuals seeking employment as a powerful tool to be the first impression to a potential employer.   Social media is also another important platform individuals use to highlight and showcase their personality through a very well crafted headshot.

4) Do you need a Headshot?

Yes, if you plan on branding yourself for any type of campaign, which literally can be as big as a job opportunity, powerful as a corporate campaign or as personal as elevating your social media and professional presence.

5) What do you need for a successful Headshot?

All that's required for a very successful headshot is your personality and without that, the headshot will fall flat at showcasing who you truly are.  If it's your first time in front of a professional photographer you may be nervous but the photographer will work with you and help pull out your amazing personality.

6) What should you wear for a Headshot session?

Solid color tops are critical as it helps the viewers to focus more on your face and not be distracted by anything you may be wearing.  In addition, try to avoid any logos on the clothes as that can also become a distraction.

7) Before Scheduling A Headshot Session what should you consider?

It's very important that you know what the headshot will be used for and where it will be displayed.  For example, if the headshot is for a potential job opportunity, wearing a T-shirt may not be appropriate.  In addition, if you plan on displaying the headshot on your website and the background of your website is white then you may want to ask your photographer to capture your image on a white background.

About Ernesto Sue:

He is an award winning portrait photographer and retoucher who draw his inspiration from all movie genres.  He especially enjoys sci-fi movies and the lighting involved in those.

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