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The RGG EDU Photography Podcast Season 3

9/02/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The RGG EDU Photography Podcast Season 3

In season 3 RGG EDU travels to Orlando via helicopter to talk post with some of the wizards in the world of Photoshop. Joined with a 3rd co-host Renee Robyn, Gary & Rob chat with the leaders in the photography industry. There may or may not be whiskey involved.

Gary & Rob sit down with Erik Almas, Michael Eastman,Jeremy Cowart, Lindsay Adler, Daniel Gregory, Kaylee Greer,Justin Wojtczak, Joel Grimes, Serge Ramelli, Rick Sammon,Glyn Dewis, Tim Wallace, Kristina Sherk, Bryan O'Neil, Dave Black, & Moose Peterson.

Episode 24 | Michael Eastman

In this episode Gary and Rob sit down with Michael Eastman, a premier fine art photographer in St. Louis with gallery representation in New York at premier art galleries. Michael talks about his career as a commercial and fine art photographer, personal projects, and how he can’t afford his own prints.

Episode 25 | Erik Almås

Erik Almas swings by RGG EDU on a long layover through St. Louis and finds himself in the middle of an unplanned podcast with Gary & Rob. Erik talks about his career as a premier commercial photography in the industry and what drives and motivates him to keep making unique content

Episode 26 | Ben Von Wong

In this episode we are joined with Ben Von Wong in their St. Louis studio to talk about his work as a social entrepreneur using photography to convey his message and create shareable content that makes you take action

Episode 27 | Chris Knight & Lindsay Adler

In episode 27 of the show, we are joined with Chris Knight and Lindsay Adler in our St. Louis studio as we wrap up the filming week of our tutorial with Chris Knight. Chris talks about his work as a teacher and full time photographer in New York and is presented with a special gift for his dedication during the production week at RGG EDU.

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