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9 Tips About How To Shoot Food in 52 Different Ways

10/16/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

10 tips, how to shoot food in 52 different ways

Robertas Daskevičius, a freelance food photographer based in Lithuania, Europe, started his own yearly food photography project called “52 times” (,, @52times in Instagram). Having a big experience and a huge passion for food photography, the photographer aims to show various possibilities and techniques of food photography. Each week he organizes food photoshoots with different famous chefs and challenges himself to come up with a new idea how to show and shoot food this time.

Here are his 9 tips, how to do this:

Use nature. Whether you go and shoot food in natural surroundings (woods, meadows, seasides), or bring nature elements (a tree branch with moss, an old stump or a bunch or various spring flowers to your studio), such food photoshoots will always look unusual and creative.

1. Play and experiment with light. Say “yes” to dramatic light in food photography. If you experiment with a single light source and shadows, this can help to create outstanding and impressive result.

2 .Seek for inspiration in famous books, movies or music clips. My example — a photoshoot, inspired by cult erotic movie “Fifty Shades Darker” and a seductive, erotic food photoshoot with low light, mysterious shadows and dark shades. Inspired by the movie, I transported the food photography into a totally different space.

3. Use different props to accompany food. Don’t be afraid to use various and unusual props (not only fork and knife) in food photos. I had the idea to create something with food using many colourful pencils. So I chose the main colours of the RGB colour model — red, green, blue and the white and then matched the dishes together with the chef. In this way a graphic, colourful and unexpected photo shoot with dramatic lighting was born.

4. Look around for crazy stuff and include it into your food photos. Mannequins, that look a bit like robots, wooden hands, imaginary pool — why not? Using such props help you to create a bit ironic, fun and surprising images. 

5. Transfer food photography to unexpected materials or places. My example — food pictures as a work of art on clothes. First I captured the food on simple white background, then put those photos as prints on T-shirts and then photographed models, wearing those T-shirts in the night street background. Yes, it took some time, but the result was worth it. 

6. Try breaking or spilling something. Especially, if you shoot drinks. Use high speed photography and catch THAT moment, when the drink is in action — it splashes or breaks. This will always look impressive and posting such images in “Facebook” will brings lots of “wow” emojis:)

7. Use smoke. These are always helpful if you want to create impressive food shots and make your food photos look more mysterious and unusual.

8. Combine food and fashion. Adding various interior or fashion accessories to your food photos is a good idea when you want to show more that the food itself and you are wiling to create the whole atmosphere and tell a little story.

9 Tell stories. As all communication, no matter if it’s written or visual, is about good stories, so is the food photography. Therefore, stretch the usual boundaries and show more than a dish on a plate. Create and capture food photo stories showing where and how people can enjoy the food — it might be a picnic, a rooftop or even a more crazy place — like a bed or a wooden raft in the middle of a lake. You are only limited by your own imagination there. 

All images and text  by Robertas Daskevičius and shared with permission

This article was written by Robertas Daskevičius:

My name is Robertas and I’m a freelance food photographer, based in Lithuania. After winning “Gourmand Cookbook Awards” for the best books and magazines for a few consecutive years in a row, from the beginning of this year I started my own non-commercial project called “52 times”

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