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Google Clips: A Camera With AI to Take Photos For You

10/05/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Google Clips

Google just unveiled a new miniature smart camera called Google Clips, which uses artificial intelligence to capture photos for you.

Google Clips is unlike any camera you've used before. The AI decides when to take the picture, and it can make moving photos too. It's weird and cute, but is it creepy? Dieter Bohn has this exclusive first look.

Google Clips is coming soon to the U.S. for $249. In this first edition, Clips is designed specifically with parents and pet owners in mind. It works best with Pixel, and also works with Samsung S7/8 and on iPhone (6 and up). - said Juston Payne Product Manager, Google Clips-

Text, image and video via  TIME, The Verge and Google

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