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Photoshop Raw Smart Objects for Dodge & Burn Skin Retouching by Nino Batista

10/09/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photoshop Raw Smart Objects for Dodge & Burn Skin Retouching by Nino Batista

When you are especially particular about your adjustments, and want your dodging and burning to utilize the maximum amount of image data possible, nothing beats Raw Smart Objects for the task. This is also ideal when you're making "big" changes to exposure, either for D&B or other adjustments. More data = smoother changes.

If you're a Lightroom guru, then you can apply this step to your workflow after preparing your image(s) in Lightroom first, then sending the raw file to Photoshop for setting up the Smart Objects.

This is the tip of the iceberg in what Adobe Camera Raw can do, but for a lot of retouchers it's a good way to start getting used to Camera Raw in order to get the result you're after with dodge and burn.

I use this method maybe 5% of the time on my skin retouching. However, it can be used in your workflow as a permanent step towards what you wanna do, if you are so inclined. - said Nino Batista on his YouTube Channel-
For more information about this technique:

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About Nino Batista:

Commercial portrait & automotive photographer based in Houston but serve anywhere in the country, especially all over Texas. Nino also runs a Master Class Series on learning the in's and out's of model portrait photography all around the country and is a Senior Writer for Let's Get Connected:

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