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Behind the scenes Milky PinUps 2018 by AurumLight

12/05/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


After four years from the release of the original Milky Pinups that were followed by the SplashHeroes, The Fallen Angels and this year Black Calendar we decided to come back to our origins and bring you the fun stuff again.

The AurumLight Milk Calendar – MILKY PINUPS 2018 “The SplashScreen” – came to life during intense and really energetic four shooting days.

Seven models, three makeup & hair artists and 15 people from AurumLight team made this project happen, bringing you healthy and fresh dose of every-year milky magic!

That is our fifth available-for-order calendar and after the Fallen Angels and Black – which were quite monochromatic – we decided to throw more colour and fun in the mix.
Adding the last ingredient – the movie references – and we’ve got a great recipe for this year series!

As an avid cinemagoer I had more titles in my head than I could fit in the 12 page calendar…The selection was really hard, but finally we locked down to the ones you can see below.Some of the titles or characters are really popular and therefore quite obvious but others have just a hint of the title. This makes them more difficult to decipher. If you don’t want to guess you can scroll down and check the reference board…

As usual all the costumes were made out of milk – in many cases colourised by the food colourisers…We threw on our models just under 150l of milk and they were amazing during this demanding process!

The personal projects such as this one are the best situations to try new things. Keeping that in mind we’ve decided to build a small pool with milk and put model in the middle.

Just when the plan was in place we were invited by our friends from IkonStudio to Oslo and used that opportunity to show the participants a real life photoshoot without any tests earlier. It was a blast and the whole event was a great fun for everyone involved.

After all those years with the liquids it might looks like it is an easy going process…

But it all comes down to your experience and how well oiled machine your studio Team is. I am fortunate to work with the best people out there that makes the work so much easier!

It is no longer a guessing-game for us. I said before, when you throw the milk you don’t really know what you will see on the photographs, and is it going to be a useful frame. But if you did that as many times as we did, you can enter the studio with a certain level of confidence. The right amount of liquid, the force, angle of the throw, placement and the actual tool you are using – it all matters and gives me a good idea what shape I will get from every splash.

So if I could share with you a single advice – try to go out and shoot as many times as you possibly can – at some point it will click and that’s the moment that changes everything!

I am not forgetting those who are here to check out the gear of course…

As you probably know I shoot with Nikon D800 and this time with 50mm lens. Thanks to StudioImport we also shoot with the newest PhaseOne XF system which is an excellent piece of machinery.

Regarding the lights – I use bunch of Einsteins E640 with a various modifiers and the Lastolite panels.

You can see the whole setup on our animation below:


Concept & Photography:
Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz
The AurumLight team:
A.Wieczorkiewicz,  A.Swirkowicz, A.Wozniakowski,  M.Ruksztello, A.Ciesielska, R.Ruksztello, L.Lewandowski, & E.Wieczorkiewicz,
Special thanks to:
Per Alver, Christian Askim StudioImport, Bartosz Modelski, Artur Dusinski,
Malgorzata Lewczyk, Ida Astero Welle, Linda Olufsen
Monika Syntycz, Zuzanna Chyba, Klaudia Tolloczko, Dora Marble, Anisæ Shaken, Paulina Guzinska, Mariia Markova
A.Wieczorkiewicz, A.Swirkowicz, M.Modelski, A.Dusinski, A.Wozniakowski
Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Last but not least – The movie references!
I am a kid of 80s so those in my age or older probably already picked up the right titles…
For the youngsters here is the reference sheet ;-)

BTW You can order your copy here >>>

About AurumLight /Jaroslav:

Originally from Poland, based in London UK, Jaroslav has background in Fine Arts, degree in Architecture, and wide array of experience. His professional photographic carrier started when he founded the AurumLight Studio, which specialises in conceptual photography, limited calendars and advertising. Let's Get Connected:

This article and all the images were originally published on  and shared with his permission

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