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BTS of Traffic Patterns: Create Light Trails with Long Expo Video.

12/02/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this behind the scenes video, Dan Marker-Moore describes how he made the surreal, reality-bending film, Traffic Patterns, using 12 Sony RX0 cameras, the LA freeway system at night and some ingenuity.

Dan bends and spins reality into something mesmerizing and utterly surreal, watch the final video:

The equipment: Dan uses a footrest ring to create a perfect circle.

Light Trails / Long Exposure Video Tutorial for Adobe After Effects 

In this last video, Dan breaks down how to achieve this Long Exposure Video effect he used on a recent Toyota video. He first breaks down how you can use the blending mode set to lighter color and offset duplicates of the same video offset by one frame. He then shows you how to use the Echo effect set to Maximum to create the same effect.

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About Dan Marker-Moore:

Often I’ll tell people I am a photographer, yet often I am a cinematographer, producer, director, creative, and social influencer. Previously I had been working as an animator / motion graphics artist on commercials for almost a decade.  Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

Text, image and video via Sony Alpha Universe

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