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Top 5 Tips for Photographing in Harsh Midday Light

12/17/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This is not always an easy nor desired thing for photographers to do, but sometimes we just need to push through! As much as we would all love to shoot at golden hour for every photo shoot, there's not always and opportunity to do so unfortunately.

Personally, at least 50% of my shoots within the last year have been around midday, so I hope these tips really help! - said Kayleigh June -

What are your favourite tips for shooting in harsh light?

About Kayleigh June:

Kayleigh June is a fashion, portrait and travel photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Since the age of 15, photography has been Kayleigh's passion. Over the years her love for photography led her to more fashion orientated work because of the artistic and creative freedom. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Facebook

Text, image and video via Kayleigh June

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