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How to make amazing Droste Effect in Photoshop

1/25/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I'm pretty sure that you have seen these pictures that there's a person holding a picture frame and inside of that picture frame is a picture of the person holding a picture frame.

Antti Karppinen is going to show you to make that amazing droste effect in photoshop and spiral droste using another software,  PHOTOSPIRALYSIS.

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About Antti Karppinen:

Antti Karppinen is internationally awarded commercial photographer / digital artist and educator from Finland. Antti has won dozens international awards for visual artistry & commercial photography and is now working and educating worldwide. Major merits are World Photographic Cup Gold medal in the illustrative category and FEP photographer of the year Golden camera also in the illustrative category. He has also won the portrait photographer of Finland competition. Let's Get Connected: 

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