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Tube light-painting tutorial

2/05/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Tube light-painting tutorial

About two years ago, Eric Paré released "Signs of Light", the first video where he demonstrated how he uses the tubes. He decided to go a bit further in this one by explaining the basic details to get you started with tube light-painting.

This is a solid two minutes video with the important things you need to know to create images similar to ours.

And as you'll see, you don't need much equipment: a plastic tube, a flashlight, a feather, a camera, a tripod and two radio remote triggers.

You'll find written description with much more details pinned on the top of their learning group:

About Eric Paré and Kim Henry:

Eric Paré is an artist-entrepreneur. When he's not on the road creating the Tube Stories, he can be found with his team at his studios in Montréal where he is working on multi-camera concepts and new technologies.

Kim Henry is a professional contemporary dancer that has a fascination for movement and human being. Versatile and curious, she seeks for projects that push her beyond her limits

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Text, image and video via Eric Paré

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