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5 Hacks for Sony a7 Series: LokTalk Top Tips

3/20/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Hacks for Sony a7 Series: LokTalk Top Tips

5 tips to make your a7 camera so much better:

  1. - Show histogram while changing exposure
  2. - LCD off button
  3. - Faster AF (sort of)
  4. - Screen protector
  5. - USB power

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Currently known as the YouTuber who make "video" blog. Former presenter of YouTube channel DigitalRev TV.I review camera gears at youtube.com/PhotoGearNews. And you'll find everything else in this channel. Behind the scene, vlog, opinion, etc. Support his channel on patreon.com See all Lok´s gear used in this video on  www.kit.com/lokcheung

Text, image and video via Lok Cheung

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