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Benjamin Wong and Friends Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art

3/05/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Benjamin Wong and Friends Transformed a Lifetime of Electronic Waste into Art

Every single day, 142,000 computers are thrown away in the US. Our hope, when teaming up with Dell, was to encourage more people to recycle their electronic waste. In the hands of people like you, photography can become a powerful weapon. We hope that you will join us in making the world a better place!

Huge props to Dell for making this project possible and for providing a simple responsible recycling solution for all!

WATCH PART I: We built a Portal out of Circuit Boards 

WATCH PART II: We tried to build a particle accelerator... out of keyboards

WATCH PART III: We built a Solar Farm out of Laptop 

Creative Director / Photographer: Benjamin Wong
Video: Valentina Vee
Producer: Chris Hatchett
Cinematography Adam Frimer
Additional footage by Zack Santagate, Greg Royar, Valentina Vee
Model: Clara Cloutier
Hair and Makeup: Tamsen Rae Makeup Artist / Cosmetic Tattooist
Bodypaint: Alliebee Henna
Set Design: David Jeter
Sound Design and Audio Mix: Andrew Kesler
BTS Photography Anna Tenne Photography
Executive Assistant: Joanna Herr

Team Dell: Sarah Gilliam, Kelly McCarthy, Maryann Overath

Paul Martin, Mehreen Rizvi, Derek VanAlthuis, Brett Vance, Natalie Ramsey, Christa Lynn Sadeghian, Angel Young, Nick Strain, Ning Wang, Mital Patel, Fernando G Trueba, Daisy Salas, Loise Lane Balilis, Rebekah Beaty, Patrick Carreon, RJ Alvarade, Rabia Fatima, Ericson Vuong, Dennis Vuong, Mary Alummootti, Melissa Keomoungkhoun, Jem Grisham, Timothy Marek, Jillian Marek, Alyssa Jeandron, Jon Rockwood, Chris Cullnane III, Marshall Walker, Tricia Sukhabut, Sydney Sukhabut, Rebecca King, Eric Boggs

Special thanks for Wistron Greentech Corp. in McKinney, Texas for all their support on this project.

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About Benjamin Von Won:

I am a self-taught artist who quit his job as a Mining Engineer on Jan. 15th 2012. Now, I consider myself retired - I love what I do, and I do what I love. Let's Get Connected: Blog 

Text, image and video via VonWong | Visit 

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