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How to turn your BALL HEAD into a GIMBAL for wildlife photography

3/31/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to turn your BALL HEAD into a GIMBAL for wildlife photography

In this episode of Photographer's Friday Morten Hilmer is telling about how he uses his different tripod heads and how he actually often uses his ball head ad a gimbal head for both his Tamron 150-600mm and his Nikon 600mm f4.

For me, the best tripod for wildlife photography is the one I am bringing with me all the time and the best tripod head is the one I can use for most of my photography. Very often I leave the tripod at home, if it is too big and bulky, but I am actually trying to change that:) -said Morten-

 If you are doing wildlife or bird photography or other kind of nature photography where you are using big lenses, I think it is worth it to buy a good quality oversized ball head for your tripod, because it gives you the option to use it as a gimbal style head.

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About Morten Hilmer:

I love nature and wildlife photography and for me it is all about reconnecting to nature, sharing the unique experiences and to put awareness to nature conservation.I work as a professional nature and wildlife photographer and then I have startet these behind the scenes VLOGs. For two years I have served in the Danish Special Force, the Sirius Patrol, and that has given me the skills and confidence to operate alone in the desolated arctic regions. My driving force is a sense of adventure and my fascination of nature, and my curiosity has led me to many remote part of this world.

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Text, image and video via Morten Hilmer

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