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Take An Online Photography Master Class With Joel Meyerowitz

4/24/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Joel Meyerowitz, the world renowned street and landscape photographer, has released an online course with Masters of Photography. Masters of Photography brings together legendary photographers in one place to share their knowledge, expertise and experience. The courses are non-technical and have been produced to be accessible to everyone. From amateurs to professionals and camera phones to DSLRs, the aim is to inspire everyone to go out and improve their photography.

Meyerowitz, the Guggenhiem Fellow and Royal Photographic Society medalist has produced countless books and exhibitions over a career spanning more than 50 years. He was an early proponent of colour photography at a time when colour was not considered an acceptable art form, eventually helping the shift towards greater freedom and creativity in the world of art photography.

The platform provides students with 34 video classes and associated study sheets to complete at their own pace, in their own time. Assignments follow the key lessons for students to go out shooting and put Joel’s teaching into practice. Students can then upload their work on the website to be reviewed by the community. The course is getting high praise in the world of social media, with hundreds of people expressing their adoration with Meyerowitz and his teaching.

The online course is really well structured, with a combination of lessons in the studio and out on location. The studio lessons cover the classic elements of photography like composition, shooting in black and white or colour, lighting, portraiture, landscape and still life. During the lessons that follow Meyerowitz out on shoots, it is almost as if you are standing right next to him as he explains how he creates his photographs. You really get to see up close how he works as he covers some wonderful locations from the streets of Manhattan, to picturesque Tuscany and vibrant Siena. It’s great to see him in action in such diverse settings.

Following the welcoming introduction, the course begins by delving into the work that influenced him as a young photographer. He explains how to take the work of others to use as your own inspiration and guidance. He also discusses how to really look and analyse photos before embarking on a shoot in the streets of New York. Joel is an extraordinary teacher and his passion is infectious throughout.

A dramatic part of the course follows Meyerowitz as he discusses how to develop a meaningful project when he makes an emotional return to Ground Zero, where he was the only photographer to gain unrestricted access during the tragedy. It concludes with Joel sharing his knowledge on editing, printing and the key aspects in creating your own book as well as deep insight into making photographs for a living.

This course, however, is about more than just photography and often crosses into the realms of philosophy. Joel will inspire you with his lust for life and poetry. He will push you to grow as a photographer, give you a new perception of the world around you, evolve your sensibility and curiosity and help you to create art with your photography.

Click here to check out the course.

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