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Basics of Branding Photography

5/07/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Basics of Branding Photography

Follow along with fitness photographer and BUFF Ambassador, Audra Oden, as she takes you through her process of working with a client to create branding images for his business.


About Audra Oden:

I have been a professional photographer since 2006 and haven’t stopped learning or growing. I specialize in fitness photography, branding, and glamour photography. My work has been featured in multiple publications, magazines, articles, and press both nationally, and internationally. Sometimes I can’t believe this is my real job! I enjoy every bit of it, even the 80+ hour work weeks because it’s my business and my love. Let's Get Connected: www.audraoden.comTwitter |  Instagram

Text, image and video via Paul C. Buff, Inc.

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