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How to fix the Sony A6300 overheating issue

5/28/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to fix the Sony A6300 overheating issue

For a long while now, we've been using the Sony a6300 as a second camera/frugal 4k camera. The quality is superb and really, we could not be happier. Well, that's a lie, we could be happier if the darn thing did not overheat after 15 minutes of use. OK, skipping to another story: Over the last few weeks, we've moved from our old fleet of Sandisk Extreme Pro cards to Prograde V60 cards.

We noticed that after the move to the UHS-II cards, the a6300 is no longer overheating. At least in out controlled studio environment. For testing, we turned the AC off (as you can probably tell) and plugged the a6300 into a Tethered Tools case relay to get uninterrupted power. The SanDisk Extreme pro lasted about 15 minutes, while the Prograde lasted the entire 30 minutes. - said Udi from

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