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Reduce NOISE by A LOT in ANY Drone and DSLR Photo

6/16/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Reduce NOISE by A LOT in ANY Drone and DSLR Photo

Noise reduction is an essential part of upping the quality of your photos. In this tutorial, Mads Peter Iversen shows how you can greatly reduce or remove noise and keep the sharpness of any photo, by taking multiple photos and stacking them in Photoshop.

He is using a drone photo from his DJI Mavic Pro Platinum as an example, but you can use any kind of photo you like and Peter will show you the drawbacks of this technique

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About Mads Peter Iversen:

Mads Peter Iversen
Mads Peter Iversen, a photographer living in Aarhus and Silkeborg. An educated schoolteacher with a master degree in educational philosophy. After trying out other photography genres, such as headshot photography and commercial videography with great success, I've settled on fine art landscape pictures. I started out as a photographer in 2011 and my experience with video editing goes back to 2002.
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Text, image and video via Mads Peter Iversen

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