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3 Reasons Why Camera FILTERS will CHANGE your LIFE

7/21/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

3 Reasons Why Camera FILTERS will CHANGE your LIFE

The day our friend, photographer Pierre T. Lambert, started to use filters on his camera for photography it changed everything! Here are 3 reasons why you should use filters on your lenses to make your photos look better!

1- Remove reflection on water and see through with polarizing filters
2- Get deeper blue colors in the sky and contrast in your pictures with polarizing filters.
3- Use ND Filters to shoot at slow shutter speed even in the daytime to get motion blur in your photos.

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About Pierre Lambert:

Pierre Lambert
I got an engineering degree for fun. Now I'm into sharing my Real passion/job/life: Photography. Btw, I'm on a world tour with my awesome wife & here is our vlog. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Instagram 

Text, image and video via Pierre T. Lambert

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