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Should you copy other photographers and creators?

7/31/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Should you copy other photographers and creators?

There's a lot of heat on the topic of every "picture looking the same" lately on the internet - at least on Instagram. And it is understandable - pictures travel 1Mx faster than before so "trends" will appear and disappear very quickly. Yes the question is still should you COPY other photographers and creators?

Pierre T. Lambert´s opinion is that YES, you should... BUT only in certain cases:

1- To learn how to do something. Please copy copy copy - try to replicate, master the techniques!

2- To try to shoot differently.

3- If your client is requesting you to do a very similar shot - yet with differences it is understandable. Hard for certain shots to be "unique" or "original" - so much has already been done. Yet every shot will be different!

Videos Pierre suggests watching around the topic:

- Jamie Windsor: Why YOUR IDEA'S NOT ORIGINAL (and what YOU can do about it)

- Peter McKinnon (he published 3hrs before he got that one online - super random - guess it's copy-cat Monday?): I AM NOT PETER MCKINNON

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About Pierre Lambert:

Pierre Lambert
I got an engineering degree for fun. Now I'm into sharing my Real passion/job/life: Photography. Btw, I'm on a world tour with my awesome wife & here is our vlog. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Instagram 

Text, image and video via Pierre T. Lambert

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