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Dance Street Photography: Omar Z Robles captures the beauty of ballet dancers

8/09/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Omar Z Robles: Pointe of Focus - SmugMug Films

For Omar Z Robles, to be different is to be extraordinary. Leaning on his background in performance arts, Robles captures the beauty of ballet dancers using the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro as their stage.

The familiar background strips away the barrier between subject and viewer, daring you to explore the power of being different.

Want to see more? Check out Omar’s incredible photography and learn more about his journey as a photographer over at

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About Omar Z. Robles:

Omar Z Robles is an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer based in NYC. In New York City, he transformed the aesthetic of his street photography by substituting the New Yorker with the New York dancer. Robles directed the dancers to tell stories with their bodies as he had learned from the legendary mime actor Marcel Marceau.  Let's Get Connected: www.omarzrobles.comTwitter  | Instagram

Text, image and video via SmugMug Films

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