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Light Painting: Long Exposure Portraits by Jake Hicks

8/23/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Join Jake Hicks in this video tutorial showcasing how he uses light painting to create captivating and dynamic portraits.


It's coming... In less than two weeks my new Long Exposure Portraits video tutorial will be released 🎉🎉🎉 This tutorial has been a long time coming but after months of planning, testing, writing and shooting, it's finally about to launch 🎉 So what's covered in this new tutorial? My whole premise for putting this video together was to finally demystify something that as photographers we're all familiar with; long exposure. Many of us are familiar with the idea of long exposure and whether that be shooting on a tripod at night or hand holding our cameras to create some crazy light trails, we all know what long exposure involves. - But why do so few us play with this incredibly creative technique? One reason I think is because it's very hard to get predictable results and it's also very hard to get results that look intentional and professional. - In this new Long Exposure Portraits tutorial from @rggedu I really wanted to give photographers the skills and the confidence to play and experiment with this heavily under-utilised technique so that you can begin to create work that is not only far more predictable and professional looking, but also utterly unique. - Take this image here for example; This long exposure portrait is all captured in a single frame by combining cleanly lit flash photography with the abstract creativity of light painting. These two very different disciplines are perfectly brought together in a single shot to create something very unique. - In the video I will not only be going into great detail with regards to several light painting techniques like this one, but I'll also be covering how we can use long exposure on the background as well as on the model. I'll also discuss and show how we can use the movement of light, the movement of the subject as well as your movement as the photographer to create different looks and effects. Plus you'll also get to see how I use environmental long exposure techniques to shoot an editorial at night in the city streets. - Available on August 31st Register your interest via THE LINK IN BIO to get it early and at a discount 😊 - #studioshoot #longexposure #flashphotography #modelshoot #strobist #colourgels
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The anti-vignette! The weekend is finally here so I thought I'd share a shot I took recently of the stunningly beautiful Marketa Diana Figeczka In this set I played with the long-exposure that you can see here all in-camera but I also added this anti-vignette in the background too. 'What on earth are you talking about this time Jake?' The setup involves washing the entire scene in that blue colour including the model and background, then I simply erase areas with white light around it. The anti-vignette comes from the fact that the background is an even blue tone that I've just shone a white light onto which in-turn removes the blue. This gives a visual interest to the background and a contrast to the model in the foreground. It's a subtle effect but one that can be used quite cleverly in a variety of different ways. Have an awesome weekend everybody 😎🎉🎉 Model: @markiepearl #modelshoot #portrait #longexposure #strobist #incamera #gels #photoshoot #colourgels #headshot
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About Jake Hicks:

I'm a full time photographer who shoots a lot of studio editorial style shots for hair campaigns  and other commercial clients. The videos will mainly be of 'Behind the Scenes' from my shoots and also some Photoshop tutorials of my workflow. More information can be found via my website

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