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HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men

9/21/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men

Posing for males, dudes, boys seems to be a giant mystery. SO many people are stumped when it comes to providing techniques for male models (beginning or advanced). The poses for females seem to be endless, but do not fret men...

I'm here to save the day and provide you with 5 amazing and simple photo posing tips for men to help you slay in front of the camera. - said Sorelle Amore -

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About Sorelle Amore:

Sorelle Amore is a professional adventurer with endless career successes and media coverage. Living life with the core belief of buy less stuff and experience more, Sorelle uses her social media to inspire people to fall in love with life, adventure and the world. Previously, Sorelle was the winner of the ThirdHOME 'Best Job On The Planet' viral competition, where out of 17,000 applicants she was chosen to travel the world for 3 months to 12 luxurious homes and vlog, photograph and write about her experience, whilst getting paid $10,000 USD a month. Let's Get Connected: www.sorelleamore.comTwitter |  Instagram | YouTube

Text, image and video via Sorelle Amore

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