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Leica M8: still worth buying it?

9/15/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Leica M8: still worth buying it?

The first video Eduardo Pavez Goye made for his channel was a personal review about the Leica M8. A few months ago, the M8 started doing something strange: when taking a picture under certain conditions, half of the image looks red and the other half looks normal.

He said "oh, no, the sensor is failing ..." "... I must do something". But, "how much will the repair cost?" Are you ready?,  repairing it (changing the sensor that gives me those rare colors) is going to cost me more than $ 2,500.

I'm going to let that between them. REPAIR this will cost me over 2000 dollars. I can buy ... ... an X-Pan with what it would cost me to repair this. - said Eduardo-

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