Wet Plate Collodion Process on a budget (300 EUR camera and chemistry included)

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Wet Plate Collodion Process on a budget (300 EUR camera and chemistry included)

In this vlog, wet plate collodion photographer Borut Peterlin is shedding new light on a myth that wet plate collodion process is a very expensive hobby. It is, but it does not have to be. On the end, he has not made the whole math, but he reckons that with 300 EUR you can buy the Brownie, tripod and all chemistry for 50 plates or more.

If you appreciate this kind of content and you would want him to do it more, Borut would appreciate your support by buying his book/photos or by becoming his Patreon.

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About Borut Peterlin:

Borut Peterlin is  a professional photographer specialized in wet plate collodion process and salt print process, based in Slovenia.  Let's Get Connected: Twitter |  Instagram | www.borutpeterlin.com

Text, image and video via Borut Peterlin

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