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Leica M10-D - The Digital "Analog" - Hands-on Impressions!

10/25/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Leica M10-D - The Digital "Analog" - Hands-on Impressions!

Hands-on with Leica's latest digital rangefinder camera at the biggest Brexit March, 20th March 2018!

The Leica M10-D  doesn't have a screen. No Chimping, it's a digital "Analog" camera. With this Leica you really are more fixated on just taking the photo, there's quite an old sensation.

No more digital distractions, with the Leica M10-D, you are only concentrating on taking pictures, but the photographer decides how much of the digital and analog wants because, with the new Leica app, your smartphone is your monitor.

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Text, image and video via Kaiman Wong and Leica 

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