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Rhino Arc II: 4 axis Robotic Camera Assistant ( Kickstarter Project )

11/14/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Rhino Arc II: 4 axis Robotic Camera Assistant

Replace your fluid head with a 4-axis motorized head. Hold up to 15lbs and capture amazing video and time-lapse on a tripod or slider.

What is Rhino Arc II?

Rhino Arc II is a compact 4-axis motorized pan/tilt/focus head that enables you to capture unreal video and time-lapse shots. It can hold up to 15lbs of equipment (camera + lens + monitor, etc) and can mount to a tripod or to your Rhino Slider.

Here's some quick bullet points if you don't feel like scrolling through the  info below:

  1. 15lb load capacity on pan & tilt
  2. Stand-alone functionality lets you replace your fluid head with ultra smooth, repeatable motorized movement
  3. Backwards compatible with Rhino Slider EVO and EVO Motor
  4. Optional motorized follow focus (Rhino Focus) for making sure you nail focus
  5. Optional slider motor (High Torque & High Speed Motor) controls your linear movement
  6. Capture day to night time-lapses with Light Lapse (won't be ready on launch)
  7. Built-in output for powering your DSLR or Mirrorless (requires optional Rhino Power dummy battery)
  8. Built-in 501 plate receiver (includes 501 compatible plate)
  9. OLED screen and dual joysticks for live control over all 4 axis
  10. iOS app for remotely controlling and more control over keyframes
  11. Motorized mounting using its pan motor

Pre-order it here:

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