5 Tips to Improve Your Black and White Film Developing

12/25/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Tips to Improve Your Film Developing

From New Zealand, photographer  Paul C Smith is going to give you five simple tips that are going to help you improve your black and white film development.

Reading the comments, mamiyapress wrote this interesting tip:

Please do not use paper towels to dry off your negatives. Tip: use a small piece of chamois leather about 4 or 5inch square, this is fine for both 35mm and 120 film. Rinse it out in the water that you used for the final wash, squeeze this thoroughly, roll it into a cigar shape and wipe down each side individually top to bottom. No tram lines, no water marks and no bits of fluffy paper stuck to your  valuable negatives. 

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About Paul C Smith Photographer:

Paul C Smith Photographer
Paul is a photographer, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Paul has a keen eye for artistic photography and video. His style can best be described as a simplistic approach to the photographic art form. A love of picture first photography he switches constantly between digital and analogue mediums.

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Text, image and video via Paul C Smith Photographer

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