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12/24/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Photographers most the time think about posing, light or composition,  but one thing you might not think about is how your photos will be used by designers.  Mango Street talk about it with lettering artist Stefan Kunz.

 "I'm always on the lookout for photos that allow me to incorporate text into them no matter what genre photography" - said Stefan -


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About Stefan Kunz:

Stefan Kunz is a letterer, designer, and illustrator bringing his imagination to life on paper (and beyond). Stefan developed his signature style, TYPO x PHOTO, through the prolific output of his wordscapes (hand lettering art integrated into unique landscapes) and as a result has captured the attention of international clients whilst building a dedicated social audience (290k+ on Instagram and 243k views on Youtube).. Let's Get Connected: www.typoxphoto.comInstagram

About Mango Street:

We are Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta. We're lifestyle + wedding photographers based in Los Angeles and Chicago. We’ve been working in social media management since 2012 and have found our niche as influencers through Instagram’s platform. Let's Get Connected: | Get yourself some Mango Merch:

Image and video via Mango Street 

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