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Landscape Photography Ideas: How to Use a Fog Machine To Win a Photo Award

12/21/2018 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Landscape Photography Ideas with a Fog Machine To Win an Award

Landscape Photographer Tim Shields explains how to use a smoke machine to create sunbeams and sun rays through the fog. Thanks to this technique they won an Epson Pano Award from this photoshoot.

Here are the steps needed for how to make fog using a fog machine diy.

1.  Rent a fog machine
2.  Rent a generator and a  long extension cord
3.  Find a great forested location with tall trees
4.  Get permission to use the fog machine
5.  Get help from a friend.  You can't do this alone
6.  Wait for a sunny day with no wind.

Start your generator and fog machine and make some fog! Walk around with the fog machine so the fog is evenly distributed on the left and right sides of the frame. You don't want more fog on one side compared to the other. Take lots of photos. When the fog disperses, start the machine back up and make some more fog. - said Tim on his YouTube Channel -

Don't be afraid to chase the fog as it moves with the breeze. I should note that the fog from these machines is water based and is safe to breathe. This same type of fog is used on move sets for special effects and actors work around it all the time.

The final image from this photo shoot was a high definition panorama. I submitted it to the 2018 Epson Pano Awards and it won a silver award! So if you want to win yourself a photography award, then give this a try. The rays of light created by fog make for fantastic photos.

Read the full post and see the final image on: Made A Photo With Fog---and won an award for it

About Tim Shields:

My goal is to help you take your photography from good to great.  I create tutorials and training on camera settings, compositions and post processing.  I love landscape photography and I hope I can inspire and motivate you to improve your landscape photography.

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Text, image and video via Tim Shields

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