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Analog Photography: Dodging & Burning Darkroom Tutorial

1/05/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Analog Photography: Dodging & Burning Darkroom Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to darkroom dodging and burning: tools, techniques, calculating times, learning how to move the devices  - everything you need to advance your analog printing skills!

All photographs are not final prints but basic examples of applied techniques.

About Lina Bessonova:

Lina Bessonova is a Russian-born analog photographer and printer based between Monaco and Italy, owning a photo lab in Florence. Coming from a background of PR and Media Communications, she committed to her passion for film and graduated with an MFA in Photography degree in 2017, publishing her first book “At Home” the same year.  Let's Get Connected: www.linabessonova.photographyTwitter | Instagram

Text, image and video via Lina Bessonova

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